My salads are always put together on a pyramid scheme. One salad leaf as a base, one main “star” (the meat or main vegetable), one vegetable accompaniment, one ‘onion’ type (spring onions, shallots etc) and a dressing. Anything more is too complicated.

I can’t cook in silence. In my life, silence usually means something is wrong or the dog is up to no good. So to feel at ease, I listen to music when I cook. I like listening to CD’s. Like I said in my other Kitchen Habits post, I’m incredibly old school with technology.

I plan my meals every Sunday. I write what I’m going to have for dinner in my Notes on my phone – the only technology I understand – and then write in brackets underneath what I need to buy for that meal and delete them as I go.

I always practice mise en place. It basically means ‘get your sh**’ together and put all of your ingredients out within arm’s reach (weighed and measured) before you cook so that you’re not scrambling about for them later.


To measure pasta before you cook, pour it into the bowl you’re serving it in. Then take out a small handful (because pasta swells). That way you won’t cook more than you need.

I only buy one block of cheese a time. Nothing saddens me more than lots of miserable arse ends of cheese that have not been used up.

I don’t use specific measurements purely because everyone’s kitchen is different. I give rough estimates and let you figure out the rest based on your preference and circumstance

Scattering things from heights is not just for dramatic effect. If you scatter from a low height, you’re only putting seasoning in one concentrated area of the dish. If you do it from a height, it can fall evenly across the whole thing.


I could probably get away with only using 3 or 4 pieces of cookware. My big yellow LEON pot, my wide KUHN RIKON pan, my old battered orange French saucepan I bought from an auction and a large, deep metal roasting dish with handles.

I haven’t eaten a ready meal in 6 years. The last ready meal I had was in University. And it was dreadful. But at the time I’m sure I loved it.

My least favourite Kitchen chore is definitely peeling. I hate peeling potatoes and carrots and if I can get out of doing it I will. Although I do like to feed my dog the carrot skins. Shamed.





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