I remember when truffle oil used to be a real luxury.

It cost the price of a small boat and you would use such a little pixie drop of it so that you wasn’t wasting money. Nowadays, truffle oil is like £2 in ASDA. So now I use it as moisturiser. I joke (that’s actually disgusting) but it does give me autonomy to use it a lot more liberally.

Baking your gnocchi gives it a stunning crispy exterior whilst still retaining that dense chew on the inside. It’s almost like a tiny roast potato only at half the time and half the effort. If you’re feeling like you want to be slightly healthier, you could do without the cheese.

But I never want to be without cheese.


Preheat the oven to 180C. In a small roasting tin, scatter a vacuum pack of gnocchi in an even single layer. Drizzle this with a generous splash of truffle oil and a good grinding of pepper. If you are using parmesan, don’t use salt here, but if you’re going sans-Parmesan, scatter liberally with some sea salt here. Once preheated, slide this in the oven.

You want to bake this for about 45 minutes but around the 35 minute mark, of you’re using parmesan, this is where you pull it out, cover in the cheese and slide back in to crisp up.


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