For thinkers, creators and instigators…

Bionic Iconic, a brand designed to challenge convention, recently launched a fantastic range of products from t-shirts to mugs, looking to create a unity amongst thinkers, creators and instigators through the dialogue of ‘interesting things for interesting people’.


The brand is a beautifully developed concept for people to represent themselves as passionate, creative thinkers and prism their individuality through their own personal art.

Bionic Iconic almost feels like an anti-brand. A brand set-up to not even be a brand whilst still being one of the most aesthetically cohesive brands I’ve seen in a very long time. The thought process behind the story is quite compelling to me and as somebody who never particularly aligns himself to any one brand (out of cultural laziness, more than anything) I identified with the story.


There is something in the development of this brand that strikes a chord with me. It’s not a discussion of sexuality, gender, occupation, passion – there’s no ‘one image fits all’. It’s almost the antithesis of what we are programmed to look for with retail. The brand doesn’t have an identity. It’s a canvas.

Bionic Iconic provides products that allow you to conceptually represent yourself, your passions and your creativity in a way that is authentic and honest. It’s a brand that doesn’t rely on a strategy to tell you who you are. You use the brand to tell other who you are.


And as it goes, they think I’m interesting! Which is just wonderful.

So I spoke to Bionic Iconic about what interests me,  my passions, my connection to art, how I deal with anxiety and some interesting moments in my life. The interview can be found here:



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