A little less conversation, a little more breakfast please?

What a dreadful way to start a recipe that is an ode to the King but I like kitsch in the Kitchen. What a fantastic blog title. Whatever. This breakfast is one of my go-to’s when I feel like I haven’t had enough sweet tasting things within the week and want to treat myself. But the absolute BEAUTY of this breakfast – it’s not even bad for you.

Peanut butter is packed with energising properties, a banana is the perfect source of potassium and the chocolate you grate on top is merely just a seasoning, really so it doesn’t even count!


Why do they call this Elvis Toast, you ask? Well rumour has it these were his favourite flavours. Even further, rumour has it that he used to eat this as a sandwich and the sandwich itself was fried in butter. What a hero. Then again, rumour has it even further that he was eating one of these when he unfortunately passed. On the loo.

What a grim thought to have whist eating your breakfast.

Anyway, for this all you need to do is toast up some bread. My bread of choice is Honey Pumpkin seed loaf which comes with it’s own spiky sweetness. After toasting this, spread it liberally with crunchy peanut butter (has to be crunchy) before draping it with some sliced bananas.

On top of this, grate some dark, dark chocolate with a fine plane grater. Serve now or never. Too much?

Don’t be lonesome this morning and eat this breakfast. No?

Let this breakfast get you all shook up.

I’ll stop now.



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