I had beetroot leftover okay?

You know me well enough by now to know I’m not the ‘Let’s wake up and make a smoothie!’ type of person but these days I’m finding myself with vegetables and fruit left at the end of a week and to the bowel of a blender they must go, right?


This is delicious. It’s so decadently sweet yet still has an element of that ‘This Is Doing Me Good’ taste to it that you won’t even feel like you’re drinking a healthy smoothie.


No recipe at all here. All you do is put a vacuum pack of beetroot into a colander over a bowl and stab it open, allowing the beetroot juices to fall into the bowl. Drop the beetroot – and the juice – into a blender. Check the pack though that it’s not beetroot kept in vinegar. You don’t want it in vinegar, you just want regular beetroot suction packed into its own juices. How poetic.

Add to this a chopped red apple, a squirt of honey and a quarter of a litre of cold water with some ice. Cap on. Blitz. Drink.

This will really help you feel smug about your Saturday and then not to feel too guilty when you consume your body’s weight in crisps and pizza that night.



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