‘Taco Tuesday…’

Okay. Fine. Another taco recipe. But please hold your judgement on this one because I had cause. During the week I have been trying to eat less meat in the name of making better choices and while that comes with its own limitations (and frustrations) tacos were non-negotiable. The taco has to remain a part of my life. So this was my compromise.

Luckily, the compromise is worth it. These tacos are absolutely fantastic and the cauliflower still holds on to the spicy heat that you want from a taco. Crisp, fresh and really more-ish. I liked them a lot more than I had originally anticipated.


Preheat the oven to 200c. Slice up a head of cauliflower into small florets and throw into a large roasting tray. Drizzle over some olive oil before scatter over a pinch of cumin and paprika. Add a pinch of salt (only a small amount) and crack over some pepper. Rustle the cauliflower heads around so that they’re evenly coated before sliding in the oven for 30-35 minutes.

While your cauliflower roasts, make your Quick Red Cabbage Slaw by finely chopping half a red cabbage into small slithers (or as thing as you can get it) and toss it in a small bowl with some crème fraiche, a small spoonful of soft cheese and a dash of sherry vinegar. Leave this to one side.

When the cauliflower has 10 minutes to go, take out of the oven. Pour in a drained can of Mixed Beans and squirt over some hot sauce – I use Frank’s. The beans here are permissive, use what you have to hand. These would be fine with just kidney beans or pinto beans – I just beg you not to put Heinz Tomato Baked Beans in. That’s not what this is.

Rustle everything about so that it’s covered in the hot sauce and place back in the oven. At the same time on a different rack, slip in a few small, wholemeal tortillas. Bake everything for another ten minutes so that the tortilla’s harden slightly to make your taco shell.

PS. I was told very recently by a Mexican friend of mine that roasting soft tortillas is actually the ‘so-called’ authentic way of eating tacos, as opposed to those nonsense manila coloured Pacman shaped tacos you get in the supermarkets. I felt his authorisation was all I needed to continue making taco shells this way.

Anyway you serve these by dolloping some of the Slaw on to the hot tortilla, tossing over some of the spiced Cauliflower and Pinto Beans before dusting with some fresh coriander. Folding into a taco (like below) and shoving in your mouth. Happy eater and much happier fair-weather vegetarian now that I am able to bring ‘ethical’ tacos to our table of an evening.


I promise you this is not my foray into vegetarianism. I have my limits.



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