I am anxiously old-school with culinary technology. The thought of an electric coffee maker, bread maker or ice cream maker makes me nervous. I have a strange dislike for too many buttons and am very technologically challenged. Nobody ever died from making coffee manually.

I hate talking about food when I’m eating. There’s so many other things to talk about aside from what I’ve just cooked. A compliment is great but if the focal part of the meal is the meal itself then we need to figure out why we’re stumped for conversation.

An ex once told me I use too many citrus fruits in my recipes. The lemons and limes are still in my kitchen. He’s not.

I always fry onions in a mixture of salt, butter and oil. The oil will stop the butter from burning and the salt extracts water from the onion to stop it catching and scorching on the pan.

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I don’t bother with table setting. When I’m cooking for people, I drop cutlery in the middle of the table for them to help themselves.

Double cream, one egg yolk and a small splash of truffle oil makes the perfect pasta sauce when you’re struggling.

I throw leftover loose ends of bread in a food processor and blitz. I never want to be without breadcrumbs. Bagels also make fantastic breadcrumbs.

Peel fresh ginger with a teaspoon. It’s a lot quicker than with a vegetable peeler.


I eat on an 80/20 rule. 80% of my week is dedicated to fairly wise eating decision with balanced nutrition and exercise. 20% of the week is dedicated to everything and anything else I want to eat.

I have a particular method for scrambled eggs. Once beaten, I pour them into a hot pan of butter, wait about 10 seconds and then take the pan off the heat before stirring.

I will always have a big jug of water in my fridge. Room temperature water is for kettles and house plants.

I keep all of my pantry ingredients in a cabinet with no doors. It’s a philosophy I have with all of my belongings from ingredients to cosmetics – if I can’t see it, I don’t use it.


I hate cooking with a sink full of dishes and a full bin. While I’m not a particularly organised cook, I am quite a controlling force and can’t operate within the confines of chaos. I need a fairly tidy kitchen to function.

Never substitute a fresh herb for a dry one. They are totally different.

Dried sage is pointless. It tastes like cigarette ash with a slight whiff of stuffing. Don’t waste your money.

I have a set of Japanese steel knives (and mezzaluna) that are engraved. I sharpen them once a month and nobody is allowed to touch them. They are kept on a magnetic block that has ordinary chopping knives the other side so when someone else is cooking, I turn the block around so that they only use the ordinary ones. Like a Samurai sword, kitchen knives should only be wielded by their owner.

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(Photography by Lowri Bethan Photography – https://www.facebook.com/LowriBethanPhotography/)




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