‘I hate myself for writing this because I understand how truly awful I sound…’

You are about to read the most middle-class sentence I’ve ever written. Prepare yourself. I always have too much smoked salmon leftover. I mean, what a problem to have – I just have too much smoked salmon lying about my fridge. As ridiculous as I am when I say that sentence, I need you to hear me out.

Smoked salmon to me means nothing more than breakfast. Yes, it’s expensive, but for me the only place smoked salmon belongs is on top of some fantastic sourdough toast, some peppered cream cheese and a squirt of lemon. To me, it’s the perfect breakfast. But once we’re fed and coffee’d, I’m left with half a pack of smoked salmon. I hate myself for writing this because I understand how truly awful I sound but genuinely. I always have half a pack of smoked salmon in my fridge.

If you are as ridiculous as me and find yourself with this problem, please read on. I am going to be 100% honest and say, don’t buy a pack of smoked salmon specifically for this recipe. Buy smoked salmon for the wonderful breakfast you can get out of it (description above, obviously). But buy the smoked salmon knowing that there is a sanctuary for any leftovers in the form of a rice pot.

I’ve done a rice pot before with my Pineapple Prawn Rice Pot and this recipe follows a similar concept but is more about giving you a nice lunch with enough tender, silky salmon to smoke out your palette but still give you that nutty crunch your body is craving midday. It’s definitely either a good working lunch or a quick-grab evening dinner before you head out to get wasted.


Cook half a cup of rice to packet instruction and allow to go cold. Awful way to start a recipe, but the rice I use for this dish has usually been leftover rice from another dish and allowed to go fridge cold. In any case, you need to start with some cold rice. Slice up a handful of smoked salmon into bite size slithers and place in a bowl before sprinkling with a little salt and squeezing over the juice of half a lemon.

In a big pan or preferably a wok, heat a little coconut oil (or olive oil if you don’t have any) and snip in the white half of some spring onions, about 3 or 4. Once these start sizzling, grate in a small clove of fresh ginger. Throw in a small handful of mixed seeds and allow these to get coated in the oily ginger juices.

Now throw in the cold rice and break it up with a spoon. Fry this for about 7 or so minutes until it is piping hot. Throw in your lemon soaked salmon (lemon juice and all) and give everything a stir. Pour in a scant amount of dark soy sauce and combine so that everything takes on its saline darkness. Decorate the pan with some freshly chopped coriander before turning out into a bowl, or a pot of some description.


And there you have it. My only disclaimer here is to eat it all and not reheat because I wouldn’t particularly recommend reheating rice more than once. I am no doctor or dietician but I have a morbid fear of food related death so just listen to me on that one. It’s one of those quick lunches or dinners that I’m glad I have because it uses up some random odd-bod ingredients that may be lying about (an old lemon, some seeds, an old piece of ginger) but tastes fresh and brand new.

And again, I apologise for my dreadful middle-class opener. I’m not that pretentious in real life.



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