‘Last time I suggested a nutritious banana shake, this time I’m suggested chia coated white fish. I have no idea what this blog is becoming’.

I was waiting for someone to clock me for using chia seeds in a recipe. I was just waiting for it. So this is the recipe that I mentioned in the last blog post (the milkshake thing) where I bought chia seeds for £1 in Home Bargains because I was challenged (for an upcoming collaboration) to come up with a recipe using an ingredient I would never, ever buy. This ingredient was chia seeds. And here is that recipe.

I am not above (nor against) the eating of anything but as soon as something comes under a ‘hipster’ tag, I suddenly want nothing to do with it because hipsters are awful and I will never be one. I don’t drink alcohol from jam jars, guacamole and hummus have ALWAYS been great and I ‘shop for food’, I don’t ‘source ingredients’. But alas, I was challenged so I bought a bag of chia seeds and set myself a challenge of finding a recipe I could get my head around.

I tasted the seeds. Chia, I’ve since discovered, is a Hispanic seed that comes from the mint family. If you ask me, they taste a little bit like the pips of a banana but that’s neither here nor there. But the primary reaction I had to them was a textural one. They were crunchy and had an almost bitter after-bite to them that I figured would go brilliantly against something soft and fleshy. White fish always holds its own fantastically against a crispy skin so the dish began to unfold.

I didn’t want to just write up a recipe of cod and a chia coat because I still felt as though the fish could take more of a flavouring punch up than just the chia seeds so I started tampering with a contrast of different seasonings. I found that the more flavours I introduced, the weaker (and less in quantity) I had to introduce them so what I went for in its stead was just one punchy flavour addition to the coat and then introduced further flavours to the fish accompaniment.

So I introduced to you this chia seed fish recipe. Yes it has chia seeds in it, yes I brazenly incorporate mint leaves to it (it provides a much needed hit of calmness to the dish) but all in all it really is something I recommend. I would even go so far as to say this meal is something you could eat when you’re on a bit of a health kick. But you may need to omit the bacon. UMMMM. Who am I? I never recommend to omit any form of fried pig but there we go. I said it.


Grab yourself some wild rice and cook per packet instruction. Opening a recipe like this is such a cop out, but there you have it. Meanwhile, crack an egg into a shallow dish before adding a small sprinkle of mustard powder. If you don’t have mustard powder, go nuts and just use some jarred Coleman’s. But not too much, if that’s the case. In another little dish, sprinkle in some flour along with some salt and pepper. In a third bowl – it’s all worth it I swear – pour in about a shot glass of chia seeds.

Pick up a fillet of white fish (I went for cod) and dip into the flour and lightly coat. Give it a shake and dust off the excess. Dunk this feverishly into the mustard egg mix and give it a smear around. Leave it in the egg mix for a bit to dredge. In a frying pan, fry up some lardons in a little chili oil before grating in a little garlic clove. Once the bacon has crisped, remove it to a plate.

Dunk your eggy cod into the chia seeds and ensure the fillet is coated in the black grainy seeds. Now transfer this fish into the pan of bacon fat, skin side down, and fry the damn thing. I’d say go for maybe 4 minutes on one side and once you can pick the fish up with a spatula and it doesn’t stick to the pan, flip it over for another 3 or 4 minutes. Once the fish hits the pan the first time, throw some frozen peas on to boil. They usually take about 3 or 4 minutes too.

By this time your rice should be cooked so fluff with a fork. Remove your fish to a plate. Drain your peas and pour next to the fish. Serve up some rice. Now grab the sided bacon from earlier and sprinkle over everything. Finally, snip up some fresh mint and throw over the peas and rice. Done.

img_5287Now, you don’t have to add the mint and you don’t even have to have the bacon. But I’ve always found that if I’m frying fish, I always somehow want to fry it in bacon grease because the two go together like rama lama lama ka dinga di dinga dong. I also went as far as to ‘dome’ my rice using a little rice moulder but again, I was being fancy for the sake of being fancy so just plonk it on the plate, it will still taste amazing.

Last time I suggested a nutritious banana shake, this time I’m suggested chia coated white fish. I have no idea what this blog is becoming. I promise you, just out of spite, I will come up with something disgustingly fattening and calorie loaded just to make up for this nonsense I have been producing for you lately. But still – it all tastes delicious so who’s really complaining here?




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