Asian BBQ Shredded Beef Buns & Purple Malibu Coleslaw.

Contributing recipes to a monthly publication does not come without it’s difficulties. As a resourceful cook who tends to just make food based on what’s in the fridge as opposed to what’s in season, I often find it challenging to cook to a brief. So when tasked to develop a recipe that incorporates both meat and summer elements, a barbeque is the first place your mind goes, right? Not mine. I hate cooking on a barbeque.

DON’T SHOOT ME. I just can’t get to grips with it. As somebody who eats well and cooks often, you’d think I would relish the idea of taking myself out of the solitary confinement of my Kitchen and adore the idea of blistering a piece of meat over a hot coal. Truth is I don’t. I have no rhyme or reason. I enjoy everything else about a barbeque, don’t get me wrong – I just hate being the one to do the barbequing. However, I have a job to do as a food writer for a monthly magazine, and I did not want to let my readers down.

I present to you my barbeque substitute. Here is a beautiful tasting beef bun containing shredded meat that has been coated and tossed in a conquer like glossy Asian BBQ sauce that is as simple to make as it is gorgeous to eat. I’ve decided to throw in an extra this month – damn, I’m good to you – whereby I’ve added in what I’m calling a ‘Purple Malibu Coleslaw’ which in it’s basic format is a red cabbage coleslaw spiked with a white rum.

It’s everything your Summer BBQ needs without even buying coal.

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The only further recommendations I have for this recipe is to throw all this food down your neck in a blazing hot sun with an Arctic cold bottle of beer in the company of people you find hilarious.

A British summer is something to cherish – and savour! – before it is swallowed by the depths of Autumn. SO LET’S GET BARBEQUING… but not really.

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1. Season the steak well with sea salt and black pepper
2. Warm a small amount of olive oil in a deep pan with a tight fitting lid and sear the steak for 2/3 minutes a side before lowering the heat
3. Add all remaining ingredients for the Beef Buns to the pan before covering with water

4. Bring the water to a boil before dropping to the lowest setting, clamping on a lid and allowing to simmer for 2 hours
5. Meanwhile, prepare your coleslaw by combining all ingredients in a large bowl covering with cling film and allowing to rest in the fridge

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6. An hour into the steak’s simmering time, begin your Asian BBQ sauce by grating the garlic into some cold olive oil before scattering in some dry chili flakes
7. Turn on the heat and once at sizzling point, add the dry oregano, cumin and 5 spice followed by the tomato ketchup
8. Lower the heat and warm slowly before adding the soy sauce and balsamic vinegar
9. Stir this on a low and gradual heat until lightly bubbling before adding the honey and allowing to simmer for the remainder of the steaks simmering time
10. Once the 2 hours simmer has completed, remove the steak to a plate with two forks and use them to shred the beef – it may be worth preheating the oven here to toast the buns

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11. Add the shredded beef to the simmering pot of Asian BBQ sauce, stirring to combine
12. Place your buns in the oven to toast then proceed to add the meat to the toasted buns and serve with the coleslaw



(all photo credits: Lowri Bethan Photography –



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