Ginger Sesame Glaze Pork Steaks.

As a food columnist at Buzz magazine, I am tasked to supply original recipes that will make your life easier. This here recipe is a testament to this challenge and has played an important part of many fall-back meal of mine. Written exclusively for the April edition of Buzz Magazine, these pork steaks are extremely reliable for those nights when the concept of banging your head against a bare red brick wall seem more appealing that cooking.

It’s also important to note that the majority of the ingredients here are store cupboard appropriate. Chili sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine – these things keep in the cupboard forever and could survive a nuclear Apocalypse so please indulge yourself in their purchase knowing that you will find a usefulness for them again. Particularly by reading this blog – these ingredients always creep up in my recipes. For more info on this, click the BASICS option in the above slider for a full run down of what can usually be found in my pantry. I so nearly wrote ‘panty’ then.

This time I’m presenting it to you in a different format that usual. As it was a magazine exclusive, I am presenting it to you in the same written format it comes in the magazine so that there is no extra sneaky tips. But if you do want to catch April’s edition of Buzz Magazine (find out where to find the magazine locally by clicking here —>


Nothing gets me more excited for food than the sizzling crackle of meat against a griddle pan. Don’t be intimidated by the heat of a griddle pan, it only guarantees a natural yet burnished smokiness to a meat that cannot be imitated by any other ingredient.

This recipe requires almost no effort and can be made in advance – you could even make the glaze as a dipping sauce and keep it in a sealed jar in the fridge for up to a week.


• Thumb Size Piece of Fresh Ginger
• 3 tbs Hot Chili Sauce (I use Sriracha)
• 2 tbs Dark Soy Sauce
• 2 tbs Toasted Sesame Oil
• 1 tbs Rice Wine
• 1 Garlic Clove
• 1 Lime
• 290kg Pork Loin Chops (2 steaks)
• 1 Spring Onion (to garnish)

1. Start by peeling the bud of the ginger (for ease, scrape the skin with a teaspoon)
2. In a blender add the hot sauce, soy, oil, rice wine and garlic clove before grating in the ginger
3. Squeeze in the juice of the lime (reserving the husks for later) before clamping on the lid and blitzing to a thick glaze
4. Place your pork steaks in a shallow dish before pouring over the glaze and covering with foil, allowing to marinade in the fridge (minimum 2 hours)
5. Heat a griddle pan until it’s hot enough for a teaspoon of water to sizzle and evaporate
6. Take your pork cuts from their marinade and apply directly to the pan with a vicious crackle
7. Pan fry for 8 minutes, turning every 2 minutes to ensure smoky tiger stripes on either side
8. Serve with some plain rice and adorned with finely chopped spring onion and some grated lime zest from the lime used earlier in the recipe




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