Sweet & Smoky Couscous.

Okay. I know. The nerve of me to even suggest a recipe for couscous is so uncouth (uncouth-couth?) that I’m even embarrassed to admit it however, after several discussions with some friends, I found out that there is no one Universal way of cooking it therefore my method is as objective as any. That is even to suggest that this is cooking. I think of this as more… preparing.

Does any else use couscous as a fall back? It is totally my fall back for when I don’t have the patience for rice, I don’t have the time for potatoes and I don’t have the strength for pasta. Well… couscous is technically a pasta, I guess but it cooks more like a grain so I’ve given myself loose licence here. It takes next to no time to cook and in my opinion, goes with any and everything.

Again, my apologies for structuring this as a recipe but I feel as though my safety net of a side dish needs to be shared.


Pour some couscous into a bowl – I’m going to say roughly 150g or something to that effect but don’t be too precious. To this, add some salt, some sweet paprika and a handful of plain raisins. Literally, the ones you get in a multi-bag are fine. I have also used dried cranberries here but for the purpose of this, let’s just go with raisins. Give everything a fork through.

Finally, pour over about a cup and a bit of chicken stock (don’t bother with stirring) and put a big plate over the bowl to trap in the steam and let this stand for about 10-15 minutes while you potter about with something else. Once you’re ready, remove the plate and fluff everything up using a fork.


And there you have it. I do have to admit that this is also fantastic cold the next day over a leafy salad of some description with some salty feta broken up over it and eaten desk side at work. My God. Reading that back I sound like a clean eater. I’m not – I just can’t stand throwing out leftovers.



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