Buttermilk Chicken Strips in a Parmesan Breadcrumb Coat (with Lemonnayise Dip).

I am currently a contributing writer for the newly revamped and launched website While I do not know what it is like to cook like a parent, I know how it feels to eat like a child so I will be sharing bespoke recipes and stories with the lovely ladies at Yummy Mummy’s World in an attempt to make your kitchen a more comfortable place to be and here is the first recipe I shared with them.


Nothing says childhood to me like chicken nuggets. In any format, chicken nuggets are important for a child’s developing taste palette as they glide from a baby into a child. Due to the contrasting consistency between the components of the meal, the combination of dough soft tender chicken along with the crunchy golden coating is a delightful nod to baby food’s past but a soft nudge into child food’s future – and this recipe strengthens said nudge.

Chicken nuggets often have a soiled reputation. Tarnished with the same brush as the squidgy salty varieties found in fast-food restaurants or crisply clattered on a plastic serving tray in school, I think it’s time that the chicken nugget finds its way home to the Kitchen table where it so belongs.

These are very quick and easy for mummy to make, along with the quick ‘Lemmonayise’ – a shameless mishmash of lemon and mayonnaise – that accompanies them. However, if you feel as though you do have the time, and let’s face it, patience, to invite the kids into the Kitchen, this recipe is also very easy for children to assist with.

 Chicken Strips

  1. Preheat your oven to 190C
  2. Create your buttermilk but combining two cups of milk (any milk) and two tablespoons of lemon juice and let stand
  3. While the buttermilk stands, pour 100g of breadcrumbs (from a tub) into a shallow bowl and grate in Parmesan cheese (or throw in some pre grated, no judgement) before using your fingers to combine
  4. Tip 50g (or thereabouts) of plain flour into a separate shallow bowl and put beside the bowl of breadcrumbs
  5. Cut two large chicken breasts into strips – but let’s be honest, cut them into whatever size you wish – and sprinkle a little salt over them
  6. Now for the factory operation – take a chunk of chicken, dip lightly into the flour, dunk deeply into the buttermilk and roll about gently into the Parmesan and breadcrumbs before dropping on to a baking tray (with baking parchment on it, to control mess!) and repeat until all chunks are on the baking tray
  7. Once all chunks are on the tray, drizzle very lightly with vegetable oil (or any other flavourless oil) and bake for 40 minutes
  8. While the chickens bake, squeeze a generous dollop of mayonnaise into a Ramekin (or bowl) and grate in a little lemon zest from the lemon used in step 2 and stir with a fork for even distribution
  9. Finally, crank the heat up to 200C for a further 10 minutes to crisp up the breadcrumbs and serveThe factory concept of dipping, dunking and rolling may sound like an eyeball rolling task but it really isn’t and everything here can be bought in on a one shop stop.

This recipe combines a soft texture level that guarantees that your child will experience the familiarity of their previously experienced nuggets, however a gentle flavour combination will ensure that in the future, they will be able to tell the difference between nuggets crafted in the home kitchen and nuggets ordered from the car seat.



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