The Great Roath Bake Off.

To me, food will always have the ability to open up dialogue. Whether you are glued to your stove as a hobby or have yet to put something in your oven, everybody has a connection to food.

 Significant celebratory moment of our lives are usually centred around food whether it be momentous yearly markings such as Christmas and Birthdays or even the traditional family congregations of a Sunday roast, food will always have the power to unite.

 Along with being a particularly greedy individual, it is this notion of unity that inspired me to pursue cooking and food writing. It is also this notion that has allowed me to be a part of many exciting culinary based projects recently – and the remarkable feeling of unity as a result of food has never been more evident than a project I am currently involved with:

The Great Roath Bake Off.


On the 9th of May, 2015 I will become the new judge on the panel of Wales’ biggest baking Competition at St. Andrews in Roath, Cardiff. While I have no shame in my own nerve to admit I am excited to consume a plethora of baked goods, I am most excited to be a part of an event that lionises amateur culinary talents and fuses together a community in the aid of a charitable cause.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the Bake Off has been running in partnership with CPS Homes & Lettings with proceeds being donated to The Acute Stroke Unit UHW & The Welsh Spinal Centre UHW, a remarkable cause that is central to the core intentions of the Bake Off’s project manager (and host!) Wayne Courtney.

At the Judges Photoshoot a few weeks ago, I spoke to Wayne about the significance of an event such as this and the  objectives of the Bake Off only inspired me more to be a part of this. The ethos of the event parallels with my own attitude towards the power of food and cooking which is that it has the capacity to open social dialogue and reflect our patterns as human beings. Partnered with the notion of raising funds for a great cause only makes being part of this project more gratifying.


(Above: Wayne Courtney, The Great Roath Bake Off Project Manager & Host)

As the new judge on the panel, I will be joining a fantastic and varied line-up of Judges from all aspects of both food and the media entertainment world such as Food Artist and Britain’s Got Talent contestant Nathan Wyburn – whose talents with food handling see no limitations and will never cease to amaze me. BBC One’s Casualty actress Amanda Henderson will also be joining the panel this year with entertainment provided by The Voice contestant Stephanie Webber as well as Open Mic UK Champion Tom Auton and local talent Calum Ross.

Good food should never be limited to the solitary confines of a professional kitchen. It has always been my aim with both this blog and my Instagram account to reveal the truth about good food and the stories that come with it. In this instance, amateur baking is linking communities and helping a cause, a link I am very happy to be a part of.

So if you think of yourself as a keen baker or even if you just want to come along to support on the day – and watch me tap into a Mary Berry psyche – please find  the details of the competition at the bottom of this post and I hope to see you there.


The categories are:

  • Best Cake
  • Best Decorated Cake
  • Best Professional Cake
  • Best Bake-Bread or Pie
  • The Great Roath Junior Best Cake under 16’s
  • The CPS Homes Special Award for Outstanding Cake

Entrants are asked to bring their cake/bake to St Andrews Church on May 9th between 10am and 1:30pm. You register your cake on the day. Judging starts at 2pm and winners will be announced from 4:30pm. To enter a cake/bake there is a fee of £3.50 with all proceeds going to charity.

The Great Roath Bake Off 2015

St Andrews Church

Wellfield Rd



Saturday May 9th



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