Beef tacos in lettuce boats with blue cheese.

To be on a ‘diet’ is to live a life of empty sin. Reincarnations of the same old ‘diet plans’ and ‘food schedules’ crop up in people’s lives and more or less everybody has the same feeling: we’re eating a dusty thirsty cracker and feeling abysmal about it.

Far be it for me to hop on a soap box and pledge my allegiance to a life of healthy eating  because I would be a liar. However, as a foodie and a committed home cook, I am awfully aware that in order for one to eat everything, they need to make better choices. This is what I have found to be the key to maintaining a healthy intake of food, but still being as stubborn as an ugly goat and eating whatever the hell I please.

I never say I am on a diet or that I am ‘healthy eating’. I say that I am ‘making better choices’. I ‘ve convinced myself that this allows me to cook and eat all of the food that makes me happy without ever feeling a slick of guilt about it. When you dismantle a meal and really look at the components that go into it’s cooking, there are several different routes and paths to go down in order to guarantee a ‘better choice’ meal. This recipe is the birth child of this process.

With no salt and low in fat, the bold, rounded and warm flavours allow this healthy meal (by way of the spicy fields of Mexico) to appeal to your taste buds without stitching up to your waistline. The crunchy green substitute for the carb-esque taco shell also make this meal a perfect disguise for children who want nothing to do with health!


1. Finely chop a white onion and sweat with a small drop of garlic oil in a deep pan

2. Add red pepper cubes and fry gently on a low heat

3. Once softened, crumble beef mince into the pan and turn with a wooden spatula to break up the pieces until browned

** Lamb mince would also work well here however would need more time to cook on a lower heat**

4. Add a teaspoon of cumin and a teaspoon of paprika into the pan, turning with a wooden spoon until the meat mix is coloured further and keep on a low heat

5. Tear lettuce boats from a head of lettuce and arrange on a plate

6. Ladle portions of the beef mix into the waiting lettuce boats before crumbling a small amount of blue cheese on to the mix followed by handfuls of chopped coriander

7. Fold up the lettuce boats and serve

**For a super healthy version, omit the blue cheese. I would not omit the blue cheese for I am not that strong**

Seven easy steps to a magnificently healthy Mexican meal. If you are making the decision to watch your weight, I urge you to make the decision to watch it right. I am no dietician and I am by no means a fitness addict – what I am is human, and I know that sometimes a light, easy meal will hit all of the right spots on days when you cannot face stodge and for this reason, I cannot recommend this recipe enough.



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