Thai Roasted Chicken & Lime Rice.

Food will often cross my kitchen table with an abundance of influences. Never do I claim that they are authentically cooked with ingredients that are strictly from our neighbouring kitchens, nor do I have any intention to confine myself to such rules. I do not have the energy.

For this lazy reason I am brutally honest when I say that the reason I refer to this dish as a ‘Thai’ dish is because it wholly was inspired by the sweet and savoury flavours that Thai food is governed by. Thai food utilises basic healing ingredients such as limes and ginger and based on this and this alone, I anointed this dish a Thai dish.

Swift to assemble and sweet to serve, this Thai inspired dish uses simple store bought ingredients that can be picked up in any local market – providing a perfect cosy Saturday night dinner when the siren call of hunger guides you East.


(the damn tongue thing was causing me too much stress for natural light during Winter!)

1. Preheat the oven to 180

2. Combine sesame oil, fish sauce, lime zest and ground ginger in a bowl and combine using a fork

3. Using your hands, dip the chicken pieces into the Thai inspired sauce and allowed to marinade for 20 minutes – PERFECT timing as the oven should be well preheated by this point

4. Place the chicken pieces on a roasting dish and idly slide into the hot oven, pouring any remaining marinade juices over the flesh

5. Drop basmati rice into a pan and then cover with fish stock (any old cube of stock will do and I recommend roughly a handful of rice per person), bringing the stock roughly 2cm over the rice level

6. Bring the water to a boil and then reduce, clamping on a lid and allowing to boil for 10-15 minutes until the stock has been drunk by the rice – this is called the ‘Absorption Method’. Rice will always be a challenge for me but I’ve found this method works the best as you do not have to keep checking!

7. Once absorbed, squeeze lime juice into the rice (using the husks from the lime used earlier for it’s zest – waste not, want not), cover once more with a lid and lazily simmer

8. Once the chicken has glossily roasted up (45 minutes) remove from the oven and arrange on a plate

9. Squeeze a little more lime juice into the roasting pan of Thai inspired chicken juices and scrape with a wooden spoon to release the glaze before using as an Eastern-style gravy, pouring the juice over the plated chicken

10. Serve the chicken with the lime rice

It’s an extremely easy recipe utilising the deep and aromatic flavours of Thai cooking. It’s sneaky inspired cooking that is as tasty as it is harmless and can bring the beautiful, healing Thai properties to your kitchen table in ten easy steps.



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