The Truth About Good Food.

My name is Mikey and I’m going to tell you the truth about good food. I am going to tell you something that has been veiled with the myth that in order for one to eat, they must ‘pierce the film several times’ or order a takeaway.

The truth about good food simply is: you’re not too busy to cook it.

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Allow me to introduce myself again: my name is Mikey. I’m a 24 year old boy living in the city centre of Cardiff in South Wales and I am a full time Events Coordinator.

Like many people, my day-to-day life plays host to an extremely busy schedule of 9 to 5 career duties, housework chores, family commitments and mandatory weekend social debauchery.

But I also love food.

I like to consider myself as ‘The World’s Fattest Thin Man’ and my cross to bear with this moniker is that I nurture a close relationship with food.

However I know many people who enjoy eating good food but attach a sense of laborious slavery to its preparation process and instantly shy away from the four walls of a Kitchen. But while I am not a chef and I am not confined to a kitchen discipline, I still manage to eat good food almost every day.


One of the main inspirations for beginning this food documentation process was a system I like to call ‘Kitchen Shame’. For a while now I have been uploading images of food on to social networking sites and I have had many people compliment my cooking and when I explained what I had made, often times I would have the reply ‘I can’t cook like that – I just don’t have that kind of time’. This, dear reader, is the means to ‘Kitchen Shame’ someone.

It was the very nature of a comment like this – plus some very encouraging words from family and friends – that propelled me to start this blog.

Good food should not come at the sacrifice of a busy lifestyle. I want this blog to give you a loose blueprint to how you can incorporate incredibly simple meals into your Kitchen. It shouldn’t be a product of labour but simply a product of hunger.

There’s no huge amount of skill to home cooking. People ask me how I made some of my meals and I often get embarrassed to explain to them the simplicity of its creation simply because there’s no magic in cooking.

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Get it out of your system that good food is only in restaurants or should only be whipped out to impress guests. Good food can be made when you’re flying solo, you’ve just got in from work, you’re nackered and you just want to watch a soap on the sofa with something on the plate that didn’t come from the microwave.

So I hope you enjoy the honesty and simplicity of this blog.

I only want to tell you the truth about cooking good food so that you can become the cook you never thought you had the time to be.




  1. Hi Mikey
    I love your blog! Your meals look amazing and I hope to follow you and your creations which I’ve no doubt will inspire me to be more creative and experimental – whilst saving time, with my meals
    All the very best

  2. Love the sound of your blog Mikey! I too have brought kitchen shame on myself and with the help of your blog want to turn this shame into something I can be proud of. Look forward to reading your creations. Thanks Kevin

  3. Welcome to the bloggersphere Mikey. It was great to meet you at the Cake summer party and I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for new posts. Cooking is certainly the missing link in keeping Britain healthier and it’s great that folks like you are so determined to share just how easy it is. Good luck with your cooking and writing adventures – we should collaborate some time.

    • Hi Ruth! I couldn’t agree more. I think cooking is something that is often dismissed as something for people with an abundance of time to waste but this really isn’t the case. Good food should never come at the sacrifice of a busy lifestyle and I just want to share my kitchen ethic with people who may believe this to be the case. Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it – and I am always up for a collaboration! Hopefully see and speak to you soon!


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