I want to have a conversation about real food.

My name is Mikey Bell. I’m a 27 year old full time Marketing & Brand Strategist and Food Writer.

 A domestic cook with nothing to contribute to the culinary conversation except honest recipes and real time experiences, I want to return the core principles of cooking back to those who cook every day.

This is REAL food talk. It’s the food talk you have with your colleague. It’s the food talk you have with your friend. It’s the food talk that exists every single day – it’s natural, it’s honest and more than anything, it’s real.


My recipes are not shaped out like methods and my ingredients are not drawn out like shopping lists. When a friend asks me how I made something, I manage to tell them how I made it with enough structure that they don’t feel lost but without the pressure of a Michelin procedure.

I don’t cook like that. My way of cooking is very “I did this, I did that, I poured a bit of that and then it was done”. If I can’t describe how I cooked something to a friend in under 30 seconds, I won’t feature it here.


I cook resourcefully, peacefully and sometimes damn right lazily. Unless it’s baking recipes (which do require basic house rules!), I don’t usually put grams or tablespoons in my descriptions because realistically, you’re going to put however much you want anyway. I tend to use shot glasses as my liquid measurements because it’s how I’ve always done it – and everybody in their right mind has a shot glass to hand, right?

I’m also not going to encourage you buy ‘organic this’, ‘the best priced that’ or some extravagant kind of unicorn tear to make a dish because in all honesty, I’m sure you – like I – will find a recipe you like and will buy whatever is the closest to it in the shop. Let’s embrace the resources that make this modern world a culinary playground

This blog is just a documentation of the things I cook every single day . I work a full time job, manage a house, look after a dog, apply myself to an inappropriate social schedule and still manage to cook myself something to eat. And trust me, this is not because I’m a wizard or a slave to the kitchen, it’s because cooking is easy.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

 I do hope you find a form of casual solace in these meal ideas and can somehow find a way of incorporating them into your lifestyle.

So this is real recipes in real time. It’s the truth about real food.



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